Almost any steel and alloy grades
can be smelted
Structural and tool steels

5ХНМ, 30ХГСА, 20Х2Н4А, 18Х2Н4МА, 45ХНМ, 38Х2МЮА, 38ХН3МФА, Х12МФ, 4Х5МФС, 6ХВ2С

Steels and alloys with special properties

32НКД-ВИ, 29НК, 42ХНМ-Ш, 36НХТЮ

Stainless steels

20Х13, 08Х18Н10Т, 14Х17Н2, ЭИ696, ЭП288, ЭИ943, ЭП56, ЭП609-Ш, ЭИ961-Ш, ЭИ835-Ш, ЭП517-Ш, ЭП866-Ш, ЭИ811-ВД, ЧС68-ИД, ЭИ847-ИД

Nickel-iron and nickel based alloys

ЭИ703, ЭИ787-ВД, ЭИ868, ЭИ437Б(У), ЭИ698-ВД, ЭП708-ВД, ЭП648-ВИ, ЭП718-ИД, ЭП126-ВД, ВЖ159-ИД

Steels and alloys according to standards of foreign companies

AMS 5665, AMS 5666, AMS 5707, AMS 5711, AMS 5940, AMS 5754, AMS 5670, CPW-S-5612, CPW-S-5643, CPW-S-5645, AISI 321

Ingots of special electrometallurgy

Vacuum-induction smelting:

up to 4.6 t

Vacuum arc remelting:

up to 7 t
230, 310, 380, 450 and 650


up to 14 t
160, 240, 300, 450, 600 and 750
Ingots of the electric steelmaking complex (scheme: DSP-APK-VD/WRC):


up to 9.2 t


up to 7.6 t
from 260 to 582


  • Plain round forgings

    D: 150–1100 mm
    L: 1000–6500 mm

  • Plain variable round forgings

    D: 80–950 mm d: 100–450 mm
    L: 1000–6500 mm

  • Plain square forgings

    A: 70–600 mm
    L: 1000–6500 mm

  • Bars

    D: 10–150 mm
    L: 1000–6000 mm

  • Hollow cylinders

    D: 500–1000 mm
    d: 200–800 mm
    L: up to 5000 mm

  • Cubes, blocks

    H: up to 800 mm
    L: up to 800 mm

  • Ring forgings

    D: 300–1900 mm
    H: up to 1450 mm

  • Disks, disks with a hole

    D: up to 1200 d: 200-400 mm
    H: more than 350 mm

  • Plates

    A: up to 1200 mm H: 60-300 mm
    L: 1000-3000 mm


Production of rings from any metals and alloys, including Cu, Al,Ti and Mg, in accordance with Russian and international standards.

Parameters and dimensions of ring products:
Solid rolled rings:
Welded rings:
to 5500

It is possible to supply both blanks and products with final processing.

Type of profile