Events from the life of factory workers

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The annual family holiday "Heroic Fun"! On February 22, despite the frost and cold, the most athletic and active guests arrived at the hospitable "Dubrava" for the annual family holiday "Heroic Fun"! The event took place in compliance with the necessary security measures, and due to a strong minus outside the window, it was moved to the dining room building.
For the third year in a row, the Council of Young Professionals of the enterprise, with the support of the Corporate Communications Department, is organizing an event, which brings together participants of different ages and professions, families, companies and alone to have fun and usefully spend time, recharge with excellent mood and wake up from the "winter hibernation". by taking part in sports competitions and activities. This year the program of the holiday included both traditional moments and new types of competitions.
EMPLOYEES OF RUSPOLYMET ARE IN THE TOP TEN IN THE CORPORATE RACE ON THE SKI OF RUSSIA Traditionally, the Ski Track of Russia festival was held near the Oksky Bereg microdistrict near Nizhny Novgorod. Snowy and frosty weather did not frighten fans of winter sports. 3,000 Nizhny Novgorod residents entered the ski track - this is the maximum number of participants who, due to sanitary restrictions, could simultaneously attend the tournament.
The distance is symbolic, 2021 meters. Teams of 24 Nizhny Novgorod companies fought for the victory, a total of about 200 skiers. Employees of Ruspolimet - CNC machine operator Anton Igoshin and leading engineer of the repair planning department Vladimir Alekseev, who are fond of skiing - finished in the top ten.