Events from the life of factory workers

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Ruspolymet employees received government awards shortly before the Metallurgist’s Day Andrey Sanosyan, Deputy Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, paid a visit to Ruspolymet. The region’s deputy head inspected the upgraded production facilities at the Kulebaki plant which compares in terms of its capacities to the world’s major companies: the countrywide unique shop for special electrometallurgy, the state-of-the-art forge-and-press production, the all-new radial forging shop.
"Hero-Knights’ Fun and Play" Dubrava welcomed its guests – participants of the second family sporting event “Hero-Knights’ Fun and Play” - with truly spring weather on the eve of the Defender of the Motherland Day. As custom has it, amusements and sporting contests were awaiting everyone there: the little ones, the older children, and the real grown-up “hero-knights”. It has become a good tradition to arrange this open air entertainment in the last days of February for the employees of Ruspolymet PJSC and the townsfolk.