Events from the life of factory workers

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Russian Ski Run 2020 The team of Ruspolymet PJSC won the second place in the most mass ski race – Russian Ski Run 2020. Our powerful “rocket” Vladimir Alekseyev led the team to victory! The guys did not let us down and fought for every second to the very finish! Over 13,000 participants, the personal example of our most esteemed Governor Gleb Sergeyevich Nikitin, festive atmosphere, healthy lifestyle - that’s exactly what makes you sincerely love and gladly take part in the Russian Ski Run!
September Company events for planting greenery at Ruspolymet The campaigns for planting greenery at Ruspolymet are a tradition. Veterans and activists of the Council of Young Specialists took part in one of the latest events on September 6, 2019. Together they planted a new alley in the territory of the plant.